Medusa Dimensions (Size)

I just purchased a Medusa and I am trying to find a good case/gig bag for it. Does anyone know the actual dimensions of the unit? I checked the manual and all over google, but could not find it.

Thank you in advance!

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Hah! That’s a good question. You can measure it when it arrives.

I have a date with my Medusa tomorrow and may measure as well if I remember (and someone didn’t already do it).

There’s a clue to at least 2 of the dimensions on the Thormann product page for the Medusa decksaver. Just remember it’s a few millimeters larger.

Yeah, I’m just impatient haha. Good call on checking the decksaver dimensions (which I also ordered). So excited for it to show up!

Alright, here we go. Everything is cm:

H: 4.0 (+ 1.4 knobs)
W: 49.0
D: 20.5 (+ 0.8 power switch on the back)

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If you end up finding a suitable case please let us know.

I think I had looked at potentially using a pedal board case but I don’t know if I ever found one that was a good fit.