Matching sample BPM to project BPM

So I have thwo samples and both of them have unkwnown BPM as Tracker+ doesn’t apparently show this basic information.
I set project BPM to 100 and try to play them so they perfectly fit in 32 steps, they don’t.

So how to achieve this?
How is it possible that the 800€ device doesen’t show sample BPM and does not have even basic beatmapper?
The sample stretch is in seconds/ms, how I suppose to know how many ms I have to stretch sample so it fits perfectly to 32 steps @ 100BPM?!

Is there some trick?

Hey @oneofusall, welcome to Backstage! :wave:

Because traditionally with trackers, you’d just find it yourself by ear. :blush:

Oldschool Method:
Basically you find a note that plays it as close as to correct as possible and then you go to the instrument parameters and finetune for the rest to match. or you just play a C note and Tune/Finetune in the instrument parameters page. Whatever works better for you.

Timestretch in Sample Editor:

Granular Timestretch:

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