Mapping MiDi CC from play to Ableton Live

Hi, I am having trouble mapping Play knobs to Live parameters.
I am using midi USB but when trying to map a knob using the midi learn function, Live does not detect any of the knobs.

I am using USB channel 10 to send notes to a midi channel in Live (set to receive midi from channel 10 of the Play). Notes are coming in, no problem there. However, trying to map a knob to whatever parameter on that channel results in… nothing. I have researched the other posts on this matter and followed the instructions but to no success. I’ve tried duplicating that channel on the play and setting the notes to “no note”, made sure the Live track is record enabled… and still nothing.


Hi @adrian_tudor_01
If you’d like to DM me, a bit later today I can sit down w/ the Play and Live and walk through the steps with you and help troubleshoot.

Cheers and all the best!

That would be ideal, tho I don’t know how to send the DM. I’d be grateful if you could initiate the chat <3

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I figured it out. So the play does not send CC upon turning a knob, but only when a note has a set value for a CC would it send that value. So what I was missing in my approach was that when in MiDI learn mode in Live, I have to start Play’s sequencer to play the note with the CC in order for ableton to see it.

These are the steps for mapping:

  1. Turn on Rec mode on the desired track within Live.
  2. Set the Play Note value to No Note and set a value for the desired CC.
  3. Turn on MIDI learn mode within Live.
  4. Start the sequencer on the Play.
  5. To bind the next CC, empty the previous one first by double-tapping the screen button next to it.