Main encoder malfunction

Ive just bought the Play + two weeks ago.

Today out of the blue, the main encoder starts to send signal changes by its own.

Here you can see the problem in a video

Sorry for my english.

Im very concerned. I bought the Play + in USA, but I live in Argentina, where is kind of difficult to get this devices.

I took care of the device with a hard cover. No bad use. I tried different power sources , and I did a firmware reset. But the problem keeps going.

Hey @darioleicach, welcome to backstage! :partying_face:

Sorry that you are having problems with your Play+.
This behaviour has happened before apparently, and Polyend has offered a tip for this:

I hope that helps :blush:

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Thanks Sandroid for the fast helping hand :heart:. I will try it out and tell the results.

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Please do! My fingers are crossed :crossed_fingers: :pray:

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Thanks again @Sandroid!

I was a bit skeptic, but for now it resolved the issue. It took a while and a little patience but the encoder is working properly as usual.

The play + is a joy to use, and the community on backstage in a big plus in the process of mastering the device.

Hope next time I will post a jam and not a bug!!


Darío from Argentina.


This is not a faulty encoder, it’s a feature!
It’s called ‘Chance Encoder’.

Well, you know now how to turn it on and off. :wink:

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