MacBook doesn't recognize SD card or Tracker

Hello there,
i just received my tracker today but unfortunately my MacBook Pro (runs Catalina 10.15.7) doesn’t recognize the SD card when plugged in via two different adapters and also doesn’t recognize the Tracker when connected directly via USB.
What might be the problem and how can it be solved?
Many thanks for your help!

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It is formatted as FAT32. Maybe your Mac can’t read that.
Is your tracker reading it properly?

Hey @flokaruna , welcome to Backstage! :partying_face:

For clarity, could you specifiy if it is the original Tracker, or the Tracker Mini ?

Okay, it’s getting more nd more confusing now…
After restarting my Mac via “command control eject” it recognized the SD card and i was able to transfer my own samples to the card.
I put it back in the Tracker and started to import some of the samples as instruments to a new project.
Trying to import the third sample, the Tracker froze in the process and i had no other chance as to pull the plug.
Now the Tracker doesn’t recognize the SD card anymore…
What can i do now`

Thank you :pray:
It is the original Tracker

Which version are you running?
1.7.1 or 1.8?

Thanks for the Info.

Do you have spare card around, that you could use to test if it’s exclusively a card issue?

You can download the factory content in the download section on the website for testing purposes.

And regaring USB, the original Tracker will not show up as a device per se. But it should show up as a MIDI Device in your DAW or MIDI capable programs.

…which is a shame, by the way. (that it is not showing up)
If it would, it would not be necessary to put the card in and out all the time, which is not really helping extending the durability of those flimsy micro SDs
(is my guess).

Not to hijack this topic, but to answer your observation:


Thanks! :+1:t3:
Good to know…

it`s really strange.
When trying to download the factory content the download stops at 36 MB and i keep getting the “kcferrordomaincfnetwork” message…

Just tested the download. Works without issue for me. May just be a network hiccup.

Try clearing browser cookies. It might be thinking it’s downloaded at one end but not at the other.

Try reimaging / reformatting the SD card to reset all of the metadata that tells devices how to find data on the card. Pulling storage during read/write can lead to some wonky stuff and sometimes restarting fresh helps.
On a Mac open disk utility and it should show up there and let you reimagined it. There will be a list all disks plugged into your system - HD, SSD, SD, and the way they’re sliced into smaller drives - so be careful and do not choose the wrong one to reformat, because the data on it will be gone for good.

I have the same issue, even after reformatting or trying other cards.

Unfortunately, Macs have become more and more inconsistent in their capacity to mount FAT32 partitions, that’s why I had opened a wish for supporting exFAT on any Polyend product.

Unfortunately again, it looks lure this is not technically possible as per Polyend dev team :frowning:

So we’ll have to deal with that, and hopefully Windows won’t deprecate FAT32 too much, they already have removed the ability to format in FAT32 by default in Windows 10/11.