M27: Minimix (Tracker)

“Little did, I know, the Tracker was going to become the center of my world.”

“I have been creating music on both daws and samplers to the avail of feeling like it wasn’t getting my voice out the way I wanted. Track writing, and most especially jungle Tekno is a vibe thing, and the Tracker fully takes me into the headspace of what it might’ve been like back then. This headspace it creates makes writing a breeze, allowing for experimentation on the fly and the ability to knock out tracks in easily half the time I spent noodling around on other machines.”

M27 - Minimix

“Realizing the Polyend Tracker is essentially a mini studio and portable player built into one got me onto the idea, why not buy 2 and use them like I would turntables. Loading up identical project file folders, I’m able to seamlessly mix in between tracks I’ve produced, allowing for the freshest possible sets. It was through this experimentation that I started applying techniques I’d use in turntablism (beat juggling, looping, teasing, mixing, cutting, etc). Now I even have the option of writing a fresh track for a gig and playing it out, all while on the road.

As more and more of my friends started purchasing Polyend Trackers, I realized I can play their projects out via file sharing. Now I’m able to test out friends’ tracks in a mix and even edit them for my own versions, creating a creative open forum community amongst us.

Best of all, my setup fits in the size of a backpack, powered on USB rechargeable batteries, ready for the road at any time!”

Description and download

In the video, I mix 4 tracks seamlessly creating a mini mix of my productions. The projects are available for 2 of the tracks so that you can see how I set up my tracks to be “Dj friendly”. The theme is “cyberpunk renegade”, in a 94 style.


  1. First Terra Trip (Intro),

  2. Moodslime (download Tracker project here),

  3. Cheer Up (download Tracker project here),

  4. Mission Objective (Outro).

In the video, I utilize all of the tricks that are outlined below.

Tips & Tricks:

  1. For seamless mixing, I set all my jungle projects at 160 bpm, and I try to use one hit as opposed to loops (this helps when the machine plays at a faster tempo, triggering the samples in time).

  2. I add a mix-in / mix-out break or loop, this helps for beat matching and seamless mixing points.

  3. Using the directional pad, I use the up and down directions in conjunction with the tempo to nudge track tempos up or down for beatmatching.

  4. Using the play pattern button will loop the first pattern in your sequence, allowing for a much easier timed beat-match and release of the pattern in time.

  5. Patterns can be looped in tandem for cutting, or looping a pattern for seamless mixing.

  6. Using the “hologram” of the play/stop button as a mix-out is a good tool. It will stop the pattern but will play the hologram of whatever instruments have resonance/reverb/delay for a smooth fade-out “dub” style.

  7. Tracks can be mixed-out by using the onboard mixer and cueing out unwanted tracks, as well as teased in.

  8. Two of the same track can be cued up for turntablism-styled beat juggling, doubling up, flanging, and creating new melodies/rhythms through the use of cutting the crossfader.

  9. Full tracks don’t have to be played, sometimes (as in the video) I use only the outro or intro of a track as a transition point.

Trade projects with your friends who also own Polyend Trackers to keep your crate fresh!


“A leader and purveyor of the West Coast Jungle. Armed with a skateboard, spray can, and a Tracker. Bringing smiles and styles to an underground near you. Hardcore jungle turntablist from Oakland, CA. With a rich knowledge of jungle tempo history. Born and raised in Los Angeles, now residing in Oakland. My background of influence stems from skateboarding, graffiti, pop, and underground culture of the ’80s and ’90s. As a leader in the west coast jungle, it’s a responsibility of mine to get others to recognize the jungle and the underground sound as the future of music.”

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