Looking for a partner to create sample pack(s)

A colleague and I are working on a project to bring the sounds of [a folk/traditional genre] to pads, sequencers, and all the electronica we love. I believe there is still a lot to explore and experiment, and a sample pack would be a good start.

My colleague is an expert in the genre and he is working with some artists on a taxonomy of sounds from that type of music. I’m helping with the (modest) funding and trying to connect the dots. We will produce a collection of sounds / samples but then… we don’t know about the rest.

We are looking for someone with experience creating sample packs that then can be produced for Polyend devices and beyond. Because we are not rich (but we do recognize that good work isn’t free), it would be ideal to find someone who would share a similar dose of altruism OR would bring ideas to return the investment and more if there is more (we have no idea of selling sample packs, crowdfundings, patreons or whatever business models there are). Nobody is thinking of making money, but if we don’t lose much, we could then invest in more sample packs, sample-based instruments, etc, keeping bringing traditional music styles closer to electronica.

If you are into open licenses, Creative Commons, etc, that is also something we can talk about.

Anyway, as you can see this is a very open proposal that is taking shape as we speak. Open to ideas, contacts, recommendations…


Interesting :slight_smile:

I’m out now, but next week I’ll write at you :slight_smile:

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