Live recording notes into a single channel


i’ve tried looking for other questions regarding my issue but noone seems to struggle with this…

When using the live recording mode on a single track, both with the internal pad-based keyboard and external midi-input, new notes are only recorded per step, when the last note has ended. So for example, if I want to record an arpeggiated chord, say C major, as long as i hold the root note, no new notes will be recorded.
For samples, starting a new sample on the same track will of course stop playback of the previous one, but for external midi devices, arpeggiated chords like this can be manually programmed without issues.
But it’s not just about chords - even if i want to record a bassline for an external monosynth, half of the notes are not recorded because i hold down keys slightly too long and the Play refuses to record the new note…
I thought the overdubbing setting would maybe change this behavior but this does not work for me.

In my ideal world, midi key press and release events should be recorded separately such that, in midi mode, i can simply play an arpeggiated chord on one track. It is mindboggling to me that i can program such a chord manually but can’t record it.

For sample mode, when recording into a single track, i’d suggest new key press events should just overwrite the last, still held, note. This would be more in line with how other sequencers I’ve used before (e.g. the Arturia Beatstep Pro) work.

I really hope I am just stupid and what i want works after all… If it doesn’t, please consider this a feature request. :smile: