LIve Recording Help

Hey, only recently got the PT and am loving it so far.

I have a prblem that I live recorded some notes into a track and I can hear them during playback but they’re not showing up in the track, i.e., no note or instrument.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Edit: fixed it. :+1:

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Check the adjacent track(s). They are there…

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Yes, but why tho? Why aren’t they recorded into the current, almost empty track. This is so irritating at times…

And that’s why I stay away from from live recording most of the time, because I have to copy and paste everything into the track I wanted it to be put in the first place.

I get that this is done to avoid collisions…but empty spaces in a track could be used. Unless I’m missing something.

You can avoid this happening by only having one track Armed for recording. As per the manual;

Arm or Disarm a track to allow recording:-
Hold [Shift] + [Rec] + Screen Button to toggle arm/disarm per track.
Note that only arming the target track to record to will avoid steps
being recorded to adjacent tracks when steps are occupied.

Hope that helps :slight_smile:


Thank you! :smiley: