Limit polyphony

Is there a way to limit polyphony when live inputting notes so that all notes can only be entered onto the selected track and any extra / double presses are ignored?

From the manual:


A number of settings are available when recording live. These are optional depending on circumstances.

• Set the Metronome On/Off: Config > Metronome: State = On.

• Set the Pre roll count in On/Off: Config > Metronome: Pre roll = On.

• Set Quantize: Config > General > Recording Options

Arm or Disarm a track to allow recording:-Hold [Shift] + [Rec] + Screen Button to toggle arm/disarm per track. Note that only arming the target track to record to will avoid steps being recorded to adjacent tracks when steps are occupied.

• Ensure the Note parameter is highlighted which will allow recording steps. If the Instrument or FX is highlighted by default, then these will be recorded.

• Hold [Instrument] + Turn (Jog) or Press [PAD] to set a default instrument to record.


What @Mex has pointed out is correct. You can limit it arming tracks.

The Tracker manual is actually one of the best manuals I have ever read. Very interesting and informative and well illustrated. It made me discover stuff I would not have gotten into without reading it. The exact workings of the ‘random note/fx/instrument’ being just one example.