LFO Instrument Automation; is there any way to not have the LFO retrigger per step?

I have a track using a beat slice instrument. A certain slice being played back on every step of a 64 step track.

*For clarity, the LFO Amount is set to max/100 in the scenarios below.

If I set the LFO to target the volume, using a Square wave as modulation, anything faster than 3/2 step (everything under 3/2 in the menu inclusive), behaves exactly how I would expect. The square wave modulates the volume where it plays at full volume or it’s essentially muted (volume at zero).

However, if I set 2 steps or anything slower than this (everything above 2 steps in the menu, inclusive), the LFO does nothing. This leads me to believe that it’s being re-triggered per step, as it starts in the positive value, the step doesn’t give it enough time to hit the negative value, and so when the next step hits, it triggers the LFO again, thus re-triggering the positive value.

If that is the case, the long term option would be for me to send a wish for a re-trigger toggle option for the LFO, but as a short-term solution, is there any FX wizardry that I could use to emulate the same behaviour?

Thinking out loud. Mixdown the track and apply LFO across the result. Not a creative workflow but should work.

Wondering if the square lfo is tied to the beat, so not retriggering as such, but starting on beat. Doesn’t appear so from your post though.

Also you could adjust the adsr envelope in the instrument Params to a short release. That might be influenced by the lfo.

True. Personally I wish I could turn off the LFO retrig every time I’m using the wavetable instrument.