KØKū: Invisible

“For this project, I enjoyed improvising with a small number of patterns.”

“I recorded my voice with a microphone plugged directly to the main input. Then edited it as it was, I mangled some classical samples using the granular synth engine and used LFO filters to give it a psychedelic, ambient feel. With the PT as my main device, I use an external mixer to route in other instruments. I felt that Tracker’s real strength and potential unveil when it is combined with other equipment. Not only is it easy to overview, but the sonic capabilities grow overwhelming.”

KØKū: Invisible


“In this case, I combined the Tracker with other external devices, so I tried to keep the number of sounds in the Tracker as low as possible. However, I think there are enough elements to enjoy these patterns alone. They include simple rhythms, voices recorded and edited with the Tracker, and noises looping orchestral samples, etc. The patterns themselves are simple but can be combined to create a complex track.”

Get the project files of KØKū – Invisible here.


A project started in pursuit of the relationship between sound and visual expression. ‘KØKū’ is a Buddhist term meaning a place where nothing obstructs and everything exists. In the near future, this project will become such a place, where we can perform and collaborate with various artists.