Knob lag Issue with play +

Hello all. I just got a play + second hand that was an upgrade. I am immediately noticing some weird behavior with it. I play back the demo drum and bas project and while its playing it seems like most knobs have this crazy lag to them and they are not smooth at all when turning them . For instance just adjusting the main volume of the with master volume knob it can have severe lag and I nearly blew my ear drums because it jumped from like -7db to 13db is one quick instant. Is this normal?

Seems like its projects that take longer to load up like the dnb one and the electronica one. Checking others now. IMG_9461.MOV - Google Drive

That is definitely not normal.
Were you able to swap the registration with the previous owner?

No I didnt try to register it.

Yeah i agree. That’s not normal.
Are you just regularly powering the device or is it connected to a computer?

connected to mackbook pro m2 thats on the charger and I also tried wall wart.

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Yeah, if you can register your device and contact support.

Ive now reformatted the card and put the factory content back on the card so its basically a fresh snapshot of sd. Its behaving much better now but I still have the issue when using USB audio only(before it was standalone as well). And its only the factory demos specifically the dnb one in play+ folder demo.
I am connected with usb cable that came with it directly to thunderbolt port on my mac with a usb to c adapter. Macbook pro m2 is on power from magsafe. I’m doing an aggregate device with my orion 32+ and the play. The same happens if I use my PC and asio4all aggregate. Also same happens on macbook if I dont use aggregate and use play specifically for usb audio with no aggregate.

If I make a new project and load it up with a bunch of stuff and have a good amount going on its fine. There must be something with this demo project that is causing this but I havent been able to track it down yet. Maybe my new project doesnt have enough going on yet.

EDIT Ok ive tracked down the issue. Its this: Polyphony of the synths in that demo. If I take synth 3 from 5 voices to 3 its all better. Also it seems to be specifically a UI refresh issue. If I select all sample tracks and use the filter you can hear its all smoothly changing but the UI refresh has the jumpiness.
Is this a bug or is it this specific to my unit? Can someone else test this?

Its the dnb project in play+ demo projects. And Im using USB audio with play only as the audio device. no aggregate. Also happens as aggregate too though.

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I have a similar lag when connected to ableton on my m1 mac. when I close ableton (but still connected to Mac) the lag goes away.
I haven’t extensively tested it yet so can’t give any more deets but it sounds similar enough.

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Yep I think I might have actually found an issue with the units/firmware in general.

If you reduce the polyphony of the synth 3 from 5 to 3 does it go away like mine does? Menu > synths >> synth 3 >> polyphony.

no idea. I’ll hopefully get to check it out soon tho. I’ll report back when I do.

Thanks for helping out!

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It’s lagging on my side as well. Otherwise works like a charm, no issues. I’ve seen so many scary posts about audio over USB but actually everything works great (Windows and Bitwig) except for those UI lags while turning the knobs. Decreasing voice count is not an option for me, I want all eight voices :slight_smile: