Jams- / Drafts- / Feedback-Palooza

Is it…

  • Not quite a song or just a draft?
  • Just a noodle that you won’t continue?
  • Maybe you want some feedback or another pair of ears to check something for you?
  • Just felt cute and wanted to share?

Then this is the place for you! :partying_face:


  • If you would like some feedback, please mention so.
  • For those willing to provide feedback, please be constructive and kind!
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I’ll go first. I’ve been super busy the last two weeks, so i didn’t really have the time to properly sit down and do anything.

Today i needed that mental break though and sat down with the Tracker Mini for a bit.
Felt cute, won’t continue probably. :laughing:

Recorded directly into Bitwig while the Tracker Mini was connected as Audio Interface (such a handy feature! :heart:). Minor enhancements done in Bitwig.


Cute. Some tabla/eastern drums would spice it up nice.

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Indeed! That’s a great idea! :heart:
I did save it… so i might revisit it at some point :blush:

Hey y’all, any feedback on my jam would be great! I already dialed back some controls to have less extreme jumps in effects.

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Love it! You definitely got a vibe going there. :heart:
I see i should actually try mapping my Minilab 3 for performance mode at some point as well - looks hella fun! :partying_face:

Only tip i have for you is to make sure you keep the groove going wihtout odd rhytmic breakdowns,
because of applied performance values. I find it important to not break peoples flow when they listen to something. Always keep them grooving :blush:. Keep it up!

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I appreciate the tip! I, regretfully, programmed every drum on a single track, that may have added too much to the chaos when the track 7 was on beat repeat or delay send

No worries, i’ve been there as well. Sometimes it actually works out well though. Just like with most things (if not all) - it’s all about moderation :laughing: