Is there a way to temporary mute FX1 and FX2?

Is there a way to temporary mute FX1 and/or FX2 on a track (or steps)?

For example if I applied some tuning FX (or whatever) and want to listen back quickly
how it sounded without that effect (without having to copy it to another

Just wondering… :innocent:

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Not that i would know of. Mute currently mutes the entire track. You could however delete the FX1 and FX2 row and just use Undo to go back if neccessary?

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Put the fx on the next two slots and add a chance fx on each. 100 or 0.


Thanks, guys! :sunglasses:

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Alternatively in rec mode press hold the fx key. It resets to zero on release. It does change fx if you’ve moved fx type though, so undo is your friend here.