Is there a mono/poly option?

Hey! I’m new to the tracker and I’m happy so far, but there’s one thing that bothers me : it seems that, by default, sample playback is polyphonic.
And since Tracker’s tracks are monophonic, this puts several tracks into action…
How can I use a single track by declaring an instrument “monophonic”?

If I play the pads legato, chances are I’ll be pressing 2 pads at the same time (even for a very short time), and I’d like only the last pad pressed to be played.

Almost all samplers have an option for using the sample monophonically or polyphonically.

Each Track (Channel if you will), is monophonic on the Tracker.

I’m guessing based on your problem description, you mean that this happens when live recording notes? Check out this video on Track Arming:

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Thanks for your help
Unfortunately, this isn’t really a solution for what I’m trying to do.
If I arm only one track, the notes are indeed recorded on a single track, but this doesn’t solve my “monophonic playing” problem…
If I press a second pad without releasing the other, the sound stops :frowning:
(instead of playing the new note as on all the “mono” modes found on synths, samplers etc.)

Ahh, i see what you mean now. :bulb:

Yeah that’s a bit of general Tracker-based workflow oddity :blush:

You are right, if you play legato - as in: you don’t let go of the previous note - it will not record/enter the new note or even generate an OFF message. You will have to let go of the previous note in order to record/enter the next note in Live-Recording Mode.

This will create an OFF message, which you can delete after you are done recording.

With Trackers you go an edit your steps extensively, it’s something that just comes with the territory :blush:

While i can’t provide you directly with a solution, here’s how i usually go around this:

I personally tend to use two armed tracks so i can just play without having to worry and live record my pattern. Afterwards i go and edit the two tracks so that i’m left with one track if possible.

If you feel like this should be a feature, you are more than welcome to draft a wish in: Draft wishes

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do I think it should be a feature? yes, for sure!
But you’re right, I think it’s intrinsic to the way trackers work
which, by the way, is a brand-new workflow for me, and one that I’m enjoying precisely in order to renew my composing style.

Indeed the problem is that a “OFF” message is an event in itself, and must be sent before it plays another note.

so I think I need to practice programming the tracks, rather than playing them live
I’m already programming drums, basslines… but I’m having more trouble with the melody part, and I wanted to try “live recording” on the Tracker
but I guess I’ll have to start programming melodies in step-by-step too :slight_smile:

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It is indeed a different approach. But i’m glad you are enjoying it :heart:

I still use “live recording” for melodic tracks. It just means i may have to go in afterwards and “cleanup”. But i still prefer it, especially with micro-movements/velocity enabled, for the natural feel.