Is Polyend Tracker Dead?

It’s great seeing the new Play and Mini tracker etc. appearing but as an owner of a Polyend Tracker I am getting the distinct feeling that Tracker will be left in the shadows to wilt and die. I may be wrong, but I have had similar things happen when I have purchased other products, e.g. Novation “Circuit” has had no new updates etc., since “Circuit Tracks” and “Circuit Rhythm” appeared. I truly hope I am wrong and Tracker will still be worked on.


There’s a new update on the way and obsolescence of the musical hardware always happened. I have 2 trackers and probably it’s the last update but it’s a great machine to make music. There’s old synths and every type of musical machines out there that reached end of life… I guess Polyend need to move on and innovate… They are doing a great job imho.


I posted a thread about this very topic to address these rumors:

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