Involuntary program change

program changes randomly while controlling drum machines (but I would guess the problem exists with any applicable hardware)

This has happened on multiple projects while attempting to control my razzmatazz (1010 music) and my korg drumlogue. It will happen at random times and I’m not sure what triggers it or how to reproduce it but suddenly it will change presets on its own sometimes it just goes to the next preset other times it will jump to anyone at random. The only way to get the original one back is to long press every drum hit and change the program back but it doesn’t last long it will change again and there doesn’t seem to be a way to stop it.
Interestingly it did always happen started the last 3 projects

Latest firmware update. 1.4

My guess is that some of the pads in your pattern have a different Program set? Each pad on the Play can have its own Program (or none). Usually you only want the first pad in your pattern to have & send a Program, so ensure that you’re only setting it on a single pad.

Try with a new, blank project, to confirm that this works for you?

Hi @zackkyp , sorry for the issue you’re experiencing using Polyend products. To be able to help you, we need a clear bug report, and as @peter-9486 pointed out – please check if there is any Program changes active in the steps of your pattern. Thanks!

Otherwise, please attach the projects which you have issues with and globalsettings file that is in the Projects folder of the SD card, and we’ll investigate on our side.
We also need exact firmware version and build number you’re using.

Additionally a video of the reproduction will also help us understand the issue, when there are clear reproduction steps missing.

Thanks for your effort! All the best

Yeah that makes sense but I don’t recall ever setting a program change on a single pad. All if any would have been selected when I chose the preset. Im sure though now that I think about it I would be scrolling through presets while playing a pattern and no doubt I had all drum tracks selected as I would be doing that. I assumed that would be appropriate in order for the changes to be applied to all pads… I will try doing that as you said tonight or as soon as possible. Thanks a bunch I will let you know how it goes

@zackkyp, hot tip. You can select all rows, then hold Shift and de-select the first pad on each row. Go to the Channel/Program screen and double-tap the two buttons to the left of the screen to reset Channel and Program to their default values for your selection. Then, you’ll only have Channel/Program values on the first pad (if they were set in the first place). Quick way to zero out any Program values that might be wrong. Should work, then :crossed_fingers:

I suppose… there’s an unlikely chance that if you copied Midi tracks over to Audio (sample) tracks, then maybe… some Program values got (incorrectly) copied to the Audio tracks and might be messing with things. Selecting and deleting all audio tracks should then work. Worth checking if the first suggestion doesn’t work. And if the latter works, then, congratulations, you’ve found a lil’ bug to report.

Hi @zackkyp , any update on this issue? Thanks

Hi @zackkyp , are you still experiencing this problem?