Inviting all Tracker+ Users to Participate in the Beta Testing Program

Hello Tracker+ users,

we’ve been successfully running a beta testing program here on Backstage for other Polyend products and now it’s time to include Tracker+ as well.

By joining, you will be the first to gain access to upcoming features, new improvements and bug fixes. This way you will be able to influence the product development in the early stages by giving us feedback on regular beta release cycles.

The beta is closed to the public as we’d like to keep the focus and motivation to deliver quality new features and fixes to you quickly and efficiently.

Interested? Apply here .

We will review all applicants and send you an invitation if you’ve been accepted. If you don’t get access immediately, please be patient. We plan to add selected testers in small batches as needed.

Thanks for your interest in helping us build better products together through our community!

Polyend team


What would you prefer we do if we have applied recently, before the Tracker+ was added (last week)?

Hi @briannhinton , thanks for your interest. You could try to edit your application and include / change to Tracker+, or simply send a new one. Remember that you can apply to multiple beta programs if you own more devices for example. Cheers

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