Introducing Tracker Mini 2.0 update


  • Pattern extended with 8 additional MIDI tracks (wish)
  • MIDI can now be sequenced on 16 tracks in total
  • Synth engines can now be sequenced on 16 tracks in total
  • 3 synthesizer instruments with up to 8 synth voices in total (wish)
  • Including 5 models to choose from: ACD, FAT, VAP, WTFM (as featured on Play+), and the new PERC drum synth engine
  • Synth Parameters, Synth Macros pages including patch loader and editor
  • Synth Mixer on pg. 3 of the Master page with separate level control of all three synth engines
  • Reverb and Delay sends for the Line In channel have been moved to dedicated Master Reverb/Delay screens on pg. 1 of the Master page

Performance FX for synths

  • Separate FX which includes Delay/Reverb sends and 6 macros for all 3 synths
  • Updates to existing Sample Instrument / MIDI perform FX, mostly cosmetic

USB storage mode

  • SD card storage can be accessed via Config > USB
  • Configuration for audio over USB
  • Audio over USB setup can also be accessed via Config > USB

CPU overload indicator

  • The indicator appears above the timer in the header when the CPU usage exceeds 85% in yellow, 93% orange, 99% red

Added Destination to FX Description dialog

  • Also updated all FX descriptions to take Synths into account

Instrument Synthesizer functionality (on Instrument Parameters/Effects screen) renamed to Instrument MIDI Mapping to differentiate from actual Synth instruments


  • Perform Pattern length FX wasn’t working with 128 steps value
  • Sometimes Pattern 0 would be loaded when switching patterns or switching between Perform and Pattern page
  • Track names were not saved with the project after restarting the unit
  • Pressing Sample Recorder and then Sample Editor during playback disabled the Cancel screen button
  • After using specific Fill Notes settings/scales, steps in the pattern were disappearing while navigating through the pattern editor. Additionally, in this state sometimes it wasn’t possible to manually edit pattern steps and Tracker could also freeze completely.
  • Render & Load loaded samples in mono (if used immediately after rebooting the device)
  • In Sample Recorder, the Start Point can be moved after the End Point which results in a freeze after cropping
  • Menu could stay stuck (open) when using the middle D-Pad button on Song page


  1. Download and extract the firmware update
  2. Copy the extracted .ptf firmware file to your Tracker SD card > Firmware folder
  3. Copy the extracted Patches folder to your Tracker SD card > Patches
  4. Optional: before updating save your current project to avoid any potential data loss
  5. In Tracker navigate to Config > Firmware > Update Firmware > .ptf file
  6. Press Select and confirm with Yes
  7. After the update, navigate to File > create New Project to correctly initialize Config settings

Tracker Mini 2.0 Firmware available now


Great work guys! Cannot wait to check this out later today :slight_smile:


And when is OG Tracker 1.9 update coming? Or is it 2.0?
In the tracker+ pages it says OG has 12 tracks, but mine has 8. I am waiting for this update to decide if I am going to sell some of my synths or not.

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Probably soon ™ ? :wink:


Hello. Files in the downloaded folder with updates, which folders should I copy to? I know where the updates go. What about the rest?

the Patches file goes in the root directory, where firmware and export games etc folders can be seen. I’ll add an update guide specifically for instal instructions to the zip file now.


This is the correct answer! Soonish? Sorry, I can’t say with any certainty as we have a lot of updates to finalize for 3 products we are working on now.


Great work wow! I love the new synths

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Brand spanking new Mini user here! I have a big rookie question regarding the new synths. Which sub-menu should I use to assign them to a track? Also, the Patches folder appears empty when I view it from the Sample Loader.

Thank you so much for any guidance you may provide!


Hey @mpoulter82 , welcome to Backstage and congrats on the Mini :partying_face:

The Patches won’t show up in the Sample Loader. You’ll be able to choose them from within the Instrument View, there is a Load Patch Button - press the Instrument Button and make sure you have one of the 3 synth slots selected.

Also regarding which track to use them on. ANY :laughing: .
You can use them wherever you like, there is no limitation on which track you can place the synths.

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Wasn’t the OG Tracker supposed to get the 2.0 update as well? Or is it still in the works?

It will get an update with 4 more MIDI tracks but it won’t do the other new features.

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@Sandroid I saw someone commenting on the subreddit about accidentally wiping projects by doing the update - will the firmware update wipe all user data? If so, could someone point me to the page or section name in the manual that details the backup process?

Thanks. That’s great to know! :slight_smile:

it will not. BUT it is always good to do a backup of your projects. :warning: :bulb:

Nothing special is required. Just copy the content of your SD card to your computer.
You don’t really have to copy everything, just what you would consider important (like Projects and/or Samples).

At the very least you should backup the Projects Folder (regularly), because SD Cards are fickle beasts and like to die at a whim :laughing:

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Thank you. Got it installed now

Can you lock note entry to a scale/key now?

Is there a new manual with descriptions of all these synth parameters? I think i can figure most of this out, but it would be helpful

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I was wondering the same thing, best option right now seems to be looking at the Tracker+ manual. That should be equivalent other than the controls.

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