Internal MIDI jitter

Bug Description

At the weekend i was playing with my Polyend Play.
I had connected external drum machine via MIDI jack to the unit.
I was sending notes from Play to the drum machine.
I kept it to play one pattern.
There was one kick playng on polyend and the same simple 4/4 pattern was playing on the MIDI track.
Everything was in sync.
Then i had soething else to do, but i kept Play playing the pattern, and after some time (30-60minutes) i came back, and i noticed that the external drum machine was playing the notes sligthly out of sync.
I stoped the device and started, and everything was perfectly in sync.

Reproduction Steps

  1. write simple 4/4 kick pattern for one audio track
  2. write the same simple 4/4 kick pattern for attached external MIDI device connectet via MIDI jack
  3. let the pattern play for long time



Found in

  • Version: (1.2.0)
  • Build: (849)

Hi @lubopanak thanks for taking the time to submit another report, and again sorry for the troubles you’re experiencing. We’ll need a bit more time to investigate, but in the meantime could you please tell us if you were using MIDI Clock Out also, or just sending MIDI notes out? I know you wrote only MIDI notes, but just want to double-check before further investigation. Thanks for you support!

Hello, yes that’s correct. midisync was off on the Play unit, sendind only MIDI notes events to the drummachine to trigger it’s kick drum.

Hi @lubopanak. Sorry, but couldn’t reproduce that in my environment. After 60+ mins both audio and MIDI are in sync. Maybe it’s the drum machine?


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