Incrementation issue with CC15 "Delay send"

Bug Description

I have tried several MIDI controllers, and there is a problem with CC15 that controls the “Delay send” parameter of an instrument.
Despite sending low values, the “Delay send” quickly reaches its maximum, and then it becomes impossible to decrease the delay using the MIDI controller.


*bug is reproducible **always

Found in

  • Version: 1.6.0
  • Build: –
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I can confirm the bug. Experienced few minutes ago. :rofl:

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It’s not a bug but You forgot to mention in the user manual that CC119 controls the “finetune amount”!

? Sorry but, I can’t understand what are u meaning…The post is marked as “bug tracker”…and it’s related to the cc 15… what am I missing?:grinning:

Sorry, I’m off-topic. It’s another discovery I made.

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Hi @paul , thanks for reporting the issue. We are aware of it already and a fix will be included in the next Tracker 1.7 update. Cheers


@here I’m pleased to let you know Tracker 1.7 firmware update is available and fixes your issue! Please verify and let us know if you’re happy with the solution :wink: Once again, thanks for helping us make the Tracker better for everyone.

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