Inconsistent playback of transients

Bug Description

Looks like in some cases very initial part of sample (first transient)
is removed by small volume fade in. It is noticeable just for
samples where transient is very important (typically kick drums).
I think sample should be played always same in case there is not applied
AMP envelope, and even in rendered wav sample should be 1:1 same
as sample used in project.

Reproduction Steps

Followed example with only kick drum, first two hits are followed
by OFF event, second two aren’t. Second two are played correctly,
first two are lacking the very initial transient tick.

Also interestingly, when rendered to wav (render pattern), first
three are without transient tick and only fourth one is rendered correctly.


It is happening always.

Found in

Mini v1.1.0


Attached zip file with example project with just kick drum hitting 4 times
plus rendered audio (in audio first 3 hits are not ok, 4th is ok) (108.5 KB)

Here screenshot of rendered pattern where is clearly visible that only last kick hit is rendered properly with it’s initial transient phase …

Just to compare, this how original wav file of that kick looks:


Hi @marek.dendes Thank you for reporting this bug. We are sorry you’re experiencing issues while using the Tracker Mini. We will do our best to resolve it and notify you when it’s ready.

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no worries, glad to help identify bugs :wink:

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