Inconsistent Play+ knobs

Bug Description

My knobs behave inconsistently, even with the new beta firmware: . Is this a hardware issue?

Reproduction Steps

Keeping my finger(s) on knobs.

Knob settings

“Knob Double Tap”: On
“Knob Preview”: Stopped

If I turn off double tap, then the toggle stops, but the knobs remain inconsistent and sometimes it requires 2-3 taps or ~1 second delay to activate the menu of a given knob.


It is constantly happening, but not all the knobs have this issue. Some of the knobs works perfectly fine, some of them have the bug sometimes and a couple of knobs have this issue all the time.

Found in

Both v1.0.0 and v1.0.1beta


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@asciimoo can you add your knob settings to the reproduction steps, please?

Yup, updated, thanks!

I checked every knob on mine a few times and no issue here so far.

@here We encountered a similar behavior with the OG Play in the past.
There may be two causes of such behavior.

  1. There may be some dirt that got into the encoders, causing that they randomly activate, and/or change values. - I’d suggest to give all the faulty encoders some spinning :slight_smile: Just turn them a lot for a few minutes.
  2. The encoders may be touching the “chassis”. Please, try to move them “by force” up/down/left/right as if trying to move them away from touching the edges of the metal casing.

Please let me know if it helps in any way.

Thanks for the tips, there were other knob related issues as well (sometimes knobs does not recognise the touch at all) so I sent back the unit to you for inspection - it should arrive tomorrow.

Great! I found your RMA. I will close this topic, and contact you via email, as soon as we know what happened to your unit. :slight_smile:

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