In Song mode, a sample is played that is not in the pattern

Hello. About Tracker Mini. For example, on the first pattern there is a sample, on the next pattern sample is absent from the track, but for some reason it continues to sound. This happens when playing in Song mode.

You have to add Cut or OFF at the end of the first pattern to stop the sample to play… just a guess.


I still didn’t understand anything. The track is empty. Why does it sound? Plus, track 4 continues to play with a modified sound in pattern 6 from the very beginning. However, I can’t even make a button because the sample is too long. A pop-up showed me this.
…I just tried to trim a sample from track five. When I changed the length, the sound of the sample disappeared earlier. It is clear that it continued to sound until its end.
…I came out and the position is limited by the sample using a slice, but the sample itself should end if it is not in the pattern

@schlomo is right, depending on how you have setup your sample (looping etc), you will have to place a CUT or OFF command at some point after you started playing the sample. Or it will continue playing endlessly…

  • OFF will use the Envelope to fade out the sound…
  • CUT will… as the name implies… cut it off abruptly.

So based on your example, you’d have to:

  • Go to Pattern 4
  • Place a CUT or OFF step on the first step of Track 5.
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I understood you . thanks for the tips. I still have to learn all the features.

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