Impulse Tracker module tempo and other FX import issues

Bug Description

Importing Impulse Tracker modules creates a lot of “random” notes and instrument numbers when the original file contains FX at the rows they appear.
The most noticeable issues:

  • IT Tempo FX (Txx) is not properly imported as an FX, yet it is converted to some notes they don’t even appear on the original. Example:
    original IT row: — – – T70
    PT row: G#5 18 — — (not an exact value, it happens to depend on the project’s notes)
  • IT Volume Column (vxx) - there are notes added in Polyend Tracker project even when there wasn’t any note in the original. Example:
    original IT row: — – v08 —
    PT row: C-5 01 — V 8 (not an exact value, it happens to depend on the project’s notes)
  • IT Panning FX (Xxx or S8x) is totally ignored.
  • In IT file a note without instrument number. This indicates the tracker should play the last instrument number it met on a corresponding track. That does not work properly unfortunately. Example:
    original IT rows:
    C-3 01 – —
    (empty row)
    C-3 – – —
    PT rows:
    C-3 01 — —
    (empty row)
    C-3 05 — — (suddenly a different instrument, probably taken from another channel by mistake)

All the other FX are ignored or converted in quite unusual manner.

Reproduction Steps

  1. Create some 8 CH *.it file with simple samples and add some notes with volume, try different FX.
  2. Save to the SD card.
  3. Import in Polyend Tracker.


  • The bug is reproducible: always.

Found in

  • Version: (1.6.0)


  • N/A

Hi @luigi.elettrico , I’m repeating the same message here as in the other bug report you submitted: thanks for reporting the issue and we’re sorry you’re having troubles. However, as stated in the user manual the Import Mod feature will not work 100% correctly for all cases out there. We don’t plan to invest further effort into it as we want to focus in other ways of improving our Tracker products, therefore I will close this report. I’m sorry and hope you understand.

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