Improved Copy/Paste Workflow

What is the problem?

Unable to select multiple tracks from one page to copy to another in the Audio section.

What do you want to achieve?

Select multiple tracks, press copy.
Go to the page you want, press paste.

Are there any workarounds?

Quick copy that requires one track at a time.

Any links to related discussions?


Any references to other products?

Polyend Play ability to copy multiple tracks in Audio section to Midi. OXI One Sequencer has the ability to copy steps on one page and paste to others.

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The current steps to copy the data of one step page to another are already very simple. From the Play manual:

  • Press and hold the source track page pad while holding the Shift key + destination page to Quick Copy the track steps between the source and target step pages.
  • You can Quick Copy the entire track pages with all the step parameters among the tracks. This will also work when selecting the entire track and copying/pasting it.

Or do you mean something different?

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yes, that does work. it’s the number of steps that it takes that brings on the request. Also if you have multiple tracks you want to copy over, if we could select all rows, copy and paste, similar to how you can between audio and midi side.

Sorry, I’m away from home without a Play to test but can you test this?

Isn’t it possible to do exactly the same between audio sequencer pages? Select the range of steps you want to copy on page 1, go to page 2, select the step you want as top left corner of the selection and then paste.

No worries.

In my testing, that does not work.

For one track, Quick copy works fine. If you have multiple tracks, which most of us create, the same suggestion that you have that I’ve stated in the wishlist draft would make more sense from a workflow perspective.

Are you selecting entire tracks or a rectangle of steps?

Selecting the entire track row.

here’s a video demonstrating in case I am not explaining well in the written word. unlisted on my YT channel as I do not have the ability to directly upload the recording here.


Thank you so much for taking the time to record the video. It is useful to understand a couple of things:

  • it makes sense that selecting tracks doesn’t work because when the user selects a track all the step pages are selected, not only the one that is visible. If you copy and paste the same tracks, then it’s like pasting the same content on top, and nothing changes. It works from audio to midi because you are copying audio tracks with data onto midi tracks without data. I bet it also works when you copy audio tracks with data (say tracks 1-3) on empty audio tracks (i.e tracks 4-6).

  • when you copy a region, to paste it you select only the step you want for the top left corner of the paste, not selecting an entire region again. In your video, you would copy the region in page 1 as you do, then switch to page 2, select only the step in the top left corner, and then paste. Again, I can’t test now but I bet this works.

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Your description makes sense. Yes, you can copy from track 1-3 to 4-6 on the same page.

So would the request need to be reworded to allow copying page 1 of the copied audio tracks vs the entire 64 steps or are we dealing with something that is not possible and use the process that’s in the manual?

What the wish is missing (in my opinion) is an explanation of how the copy/paste workflow can be made simpler. Now it’s this:

  1. Select the steps you want to copy and press Copy.
  2. Go to the page you want to paste the steps, select one step and press Paste.

I will archive this draft in a week unless there is a will to continue working on it.

I reworded it to make is simpler and to the point.

But this is the current behavior, isn’t it? See my posts above.

Apologies, I meant to say row. Updated

Step pages can be “quick copied” as well, just like steps are quick copied:

  1. Press Shift to see the step pages in the 4 right columns.
  2. Without letting go Shift, long-press the step page you want to copy. It blinks.
  3. Without letting go Shift and the copied step page, press the page step destination. It blinks.

That’s it, you have copied the steps of the original track and page. The destination can be on a step page of the same track or any other track.

(Thank yoy @choogaface for showing the way.) :slight_smile:

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Revision number 10 lol.

If what I’m asking isn’t possible, please advise and close out this wishlist. Thanks.

Okay watched the video and it looks like you are missing a key step on this on the last way you tried to copy. This way works but let me see if I can explain it in print, if not I’ll make a video later.

The reason that selecting in what you call the “rectangular method” isnt working is because when you tried to paste to page 2 you still have page 1 selected, so it is just pasting pg 1 over pg 1 again. What you need to do after hitting copy on page 1 is to double tap shift to clear the selection, then go to page 2. You then hold shift and select the 3 tracks and hit paste. Alternativly you can just select the first step, hit paste and it will past the whole thing to pg 2.

Let me know if that makes sense and I think we can archive this wish if so.


Let’s archive this for now.

I’ll be at knobcon next month. I believe your team will be there. I’d like to stop by and discuss/demonstrate and perhaps there, can determine if what I’m trying to do is possible and based on your feedback, we can discuss if what I’m suggesting could be revisited and worded better or go with your suggestion.

Would this be ok?

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