Imported Samples sound different from preview on sd card

I’ve noticed that some samples sound different when they are previewed prior to and after import. The imported ones can sound cropped or maybe their envelope has changed.
Is this a known phenomenon? Is it something to do with the samples themselves?

First of all, are you on the OG Tracker or on the Mini?
Once loaded there are a couple factors that could change the sound slightly yes.
Instrument Parameters for example, or possible reverb and or settings in the Master Settings like EQ, Space

OG tracker
Instrument params are at default- I am previewing the sound in the sample loader. Once on the left from the as card and then directly after import
And it’s in a new project and the master settings look default to me.

Would it be possible for you to record a audio snippet of what it sounds like when previewing and what it sounds like when loaded? That would probably help us in pinpointing what you are experiencing.

Else it’s kinda difficult to gauge what “sounding different” means :blush: