Import a sample 'chain' feature

The option to select multiple samples from a folder and import them into a sample ‘chain’ which then occupies one sample slot/instrument. This could then be edited within the import editor to eliminate silence and gaps as the user wishes.

What is the problem?

When you fill up all 48 instrument slots, you may have memory left and would like access to more samples within a single project.

What do you want to achieve?

The ability to both maximise the sample memory allowance and the 48 sample slots. This is coming from a place of using a lot of patterns within the project, in more of a ‘live set’ context. The idea being you import a number of samples from a folder or folders and have them saved as a chain in one instrument slot (similar to slice). For instance: one sample slot comprising of 5-10 kicks or hats or synth stabs… etc. These can then be sliced or beat slice as you wish in the sample editor.

Are there any workarounds?

Yes you can create your own sample chains and import them, or record them in and that would occupy one sample slot. This would just be a feature to allow it to be done within the machine, when loading sample with the sample loader.

Any links to related discussions?

Not aware of any.

Any references to other products?

Not aware of any. Maybe on the octatrack but not sure.

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i’ve updated the wording a little, but overall a very complete request. Thank you. :heart:

Nice one Sandroid.

@here Thanks for your wish. It’s now ready for voting :slight_smile:


It is worth noting and i guess as a point to add from this topic / wish list… of course once a chain of sounds are added anything you do in terms of effects and tuning to any of those samples then effect the others. fine if you beat slice as you can augment each sample in steps , but if you slice then you will need to use the slice choose option in step changes. i know this may sound obvious but i’m realising and learning as i try different things .

This would be a great feature. The “synth shots” instrument that comes with the tracker is great for rhythmic stabs. That instrument has 48 single shots! I’m currently doing this with my daw, and it’s a convoluted process. This would enable the creation of personalised drum kits, stabs, and much more!
This would enable us to workaround the limit of 48 instruments, and cram more samples and variety in our projects.
It would also massively propel the trackers status as a standalone workstation, and I feel add a further layer of creative interaction with both trackers.


Maybe this is old news but there is this browser based tool that does just that. Create sample chain .pti’s for the Tracker.


wow - very nice . im def going to give this a try.
thank you.

Thank you for this useful tool!

Having said that, if it helps someone, another workaround for this within the machine:

  • importing every sample one by one;
  • creating a pattern with samples put every X steps (depending on their length);
  • rendering and loading the new sample;
  • beat slicing (shift when in Beat Slice mode) by the number of samples.

A simpler way would be very welcome though, take my vote.
(And the reverse would be complimentary, i.e. splitting a chopped up sample to multiple files to pick-and-chose slices and re-import. Currently working on a wish in my head.)


This is a good way too. The region render actually works very well.