Ideal Levels for Play Samples (why are these samples clipping?)

I’ve been prepping samples for my Play and getting a lot of clipping, despite aiming for -1db* when prepping in ableton. This happens especially with distorted 808’s but also has happened with much more dynamic waveforms like uncompressed speech. What settings should I be aiming for when prepping samples?

I should add context, this is my first groovebox (unless you count a volca sample II) and haven’t been making electronic based music as a hobby for very long. I bounced off making things in the box and am going dawless. Treat me like a newbie! Help, I’m dumb!

*edit: I mistakenly said -12db at first.

Strange. I’ve never had this problem even with very hot samples. Are you sure the clipping is due to the sample volume and not the master volume?

And/or saturation settings.

Yes I’m sure it’s not that. I experience clipping outside of the sample pool with these samples no matter what the master volume is set to. The same is true if they are added to the sample pool. I should say that I was mistaken when I made this post and said that I normalize to -12 db. Some of these clips do clip 0db by less than a db but the clipping is experienced in areas that are well below 0db as well.

This is without any saturation being applied.

Can you provide an example of a sample you have that is clipping?