I spot checked some one shots in the factory sample packs. Some inconsistencies for start times

Top image is a kick from the tech house pack.
Middle kick is a kick my library that I made from my s2400
Bottom image is from the techno kick library.

Whoever made these samples you need to get better. Also users beware if you feel your grooves are off this might be why. And we cant look at the waveforms in the machine to surgically fix either.

The worst pack is the techno pack I’m finding. Lots of stuff is good though and looks like my sample. And ofc I know I can use my ears too. That’s how I found this out because I was trying to layer two kicks from the techno pack and another pack and im like why is that techno kick sounding so flammed??!! Then I opened the wav in my daw and im like oooh cause whoever made the sample did it like crap. lol
image of kicks

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