I have to image I am doing something wrong

I spent the better part of last night playing with the slicer and could not make it work with notes like I have seen in tutorials.

What am I doing wrong?

Maybe your slices are too big? I would try manually adding slices on each transient and try that. Auto-slice doesn’t work great when the transients aren’t super obvious

Thanks for the reply. I believe it is 2 bars and I did 8 slices in beat slice shift mode. I will look it trying a super short sample see what I get.

Also I guess what I don’t understands how the markers correlate to notes. But finding the next on is very arbitrary.

You need to set a fx to each step, the slice (S) to define wich slice of the sample you want to be played on wich step. Changing the note will just change the pitch of the sample.

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also, i think you can use the notes to define the slice but for doing this you have to use the beat slicer, not the regular slicer.
Take a look a polyend’s tutorials about beat slicing and sample slicing; it should solve your problem :slight_smile:



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That is the problem I am facing, I am using beat slicer. With the tracker you have the grid to play. With the mini you have to use DPad to shift the notes. But the result is no change in slice between steps.

Load sample 2 bars long
Beat Slice using shift equal parts, 8 slices
Add step 1-32 every 4th step, c5 | 01 |—-|—-|
Adjust c5 through out so it goes from c5 to g5

Result when played is the sample fires off 8 times each time from the first slice.

As I have mentioned before I would like to not waste fx channels on choosing the slice if possible. It works correctly if a choose slices via fx. But should it not also work via notes?

Also while in record mode if i go into the note grid. Where ever I change the note to it still just plays the sample from the top.

I finally figure out that the note the correlate to the slices are from g2 to c2. I feel this is a ux issue which should be directly connected so the user can find the right notes via the DPad interface.

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I thought slices could only be played by the S fx.
Thanks to you i know it can be done with Notes through Beat Slicing
Thanks so much! Awesome, you freed an entire fx column for me

Actually just found it in the manual afterwards.
Page 122 bottom left, tiny font! No wonder i didnt know about it

“Slices can also be played individually. Beat slices can
be played from notes in the pattern. Slice 1 Starts on
Note C2. FX ‘S’ Slice effect can also be used to
select the specific slice within a pattern step”