HQ Breakbeats Converted For Mono Samplers

Hi there Trackers!

Aisjam was nice enough to share some breaks with us all so I thought I would do the same.

Here is a folder of super high quality breakbeats converted to 16BIT mono, 44.1kHz for use in the Tracker, Disting, Digitakt or whatever other hardware sampler you like.


Hey I made a typo in the title and can’t edit it. @Sandroid can u pls come to the rescue?

Et voila! :blush:

(hope i got it right :laughing: )

@sandroid you so dweeeeamy… :wink:

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Appreciate you for taking the time to do this and share with the community.

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Big shout outs to Moldover who gave us the original folder. I just re-encoded them in mono. Moldover is the OG.

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Hi, @thephatconductor - I downloaded these and confirmed they are great. Thanks for putting in the work. And thanks for turning me on to Moldover.

Being pretty new to sample-based song-making, I find it helpful to know what BPM and key I’m working with so I did some additional work on them. Hope you don’t mind.

I downloaded the entire directory into Traktor which is what I used to quickly get BPM and key. Their open key notation is explained here.

The new file names now have this format:

  • Track Name BPM Key Track Length
  • Track name is the original track name
  • BPM format is 121.3 converted to 121_3
  • Key format is open notation, e.g. 9m, 3d etc.
  • Track length format is mm_ss, eg. 00_09 which would be 9 seconds


  • I had a challenge getting the file names to export cleanly but for the most part, they should match. You might want to quality-check that.
  • I haven’t altered the audio at all, just the file names.
  • Traktor is usually pretty good with BPM and Key detection but being that these are pretty short files I wonder if that assumption holds. I don’t have a way of verifying the quality of their interpretation.



Very cool! I had some ideas about making processed versions as well, so I’ll start from yours when I do it :smiley:

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