How to install sample pack

A free sample pack code came with my recent Tracker mini purchase, I went to the Palettes • Polyend website and I have downloaded a sample pack. How do I put this onto my device? Is there a manual page for this?

Hmm… I’d say, put the package contents into the “Samples” folder on your SD card and you should be good.[{"num"%3A281%2C"gen"%3A0}%2C{"name"%3A"XYZ"}%2C319.891%2C718.246%2Cnull]

If the download comes archived, as a zip for example, make sure to unpack it, before copying it to your SD card. Other than that, that should be all.

I’m sorry it seems there are a lot of choices that are still unclear. My apologies if these are basic questions, I couldn’t find a section in the manual about this. From the downloaded zip file, which folder to I copy and move over to the SD card? I see “Pack 16 bi mono”, “Pack 16 bit stereo”, and “Pack 24 bit stereo”?

Also, can I rename this folder after putting onto the SD card? I don’t know how to differentiate this sound pack from another if I buy more in the future, and I don’t know how the Tracker will know what pack name to give these.

These folders have sub-folders like “KICKS”, “FX”, “BASS”, while none of the original sample pack folders on the SD card have folders like that. They instead have a lot of wav files with a naming convention that isn’t the same as the files from the downloaded sample pack.

I’m also not sure what folder on the SD card to use? Under the “Samples” folder I see “Sample Packs” and “Stereo Sample Packs”.

I may have answered my own question! I tried moving the downloaded mono folder to the SD card mono folder, and then same again with the downloaded stereo folder to the SD card stereo folder. When you navigate the SD card it is able to read the folder names exactly as I type them, so renaming is fine, and I don’t think the wav file naming convention matters (I thought it may need something specific like in Polyend Play). I’m not sure what the 16 bit stereo folder is for and never used that one, but I guess its nice the downloaded files have it as an option anyways.

Thanks again for responding.

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First of all - welcome to backstage! :partying_face:

Essentially the Tracker doesn’t really care where you place the samples, or what you name them, as long as they are .wav files.

Regarding the bit rate: The Tracker internally converts everything to 16-bit 44.1khz, so using the 16-bit files you downloaded will be plenty good.

Separating stereo and mono samples is good practice so you know what you are dealing with. But essentially it is also not necessary.

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No worries, mate!

I’m not on here very often. Basically you decide how to sort your samples into folders. Polyend suggests how you could do it, but that’s a suggestion. I think as long as you put them into the ‘Samples’ folder, you’re good. :slight_smile:

Now enjoy your Tracker, it’s a beast! :smiley: