How to copy whole pages of a track when I change the length

I can copy and paste just about everything, except for when I change the length of a track, for example, if I change track length from 16 to 32, how can I copy the first page to the new second page? Can someone tell me the exact method? Because quick copy is not working for me. Thank you in advance.

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if you hold shift to show the pattern length on the right side, hold the first pad (that represents 16 steps) and then press the second pad (representing steps 17-32) while holding the first pad, does this work?
So holding shift and holding the mute button on the track you wish to copy and with both held down press the solo button on that track.


@Mitch I came across this same problem yesterday and i’ve now tried as you suggested and it works smoothly. Very intuitive indeed once you know it :slight_smile: thanks for the tip!

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Is this bit of knowledge in the manual? I’m getting ready to buy a Play and this was a sticking point for me until I found this forum and this answer. Thank you for your hard work and a stellar product!

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Basically copying things hase same workflow for everything. in the manual its referred as “quick copy”.
And it works the same for steps. variations, patterns and"track pages". You just need to be switched to right view

Copying patterns this way works well. Unfortunately for me (running 1.3.0) the changes are lost when switching pattern after copy/pasting.

For example:

  • Pattern A is a 16 step pattern
  • copy page 1 to page 2, result is a 32 step pattern
  • switch to pattern B, switch back to pattern A

Expected result: pattern A is still 32 steps
Actual result: pattern A is reverted to the initial 16 steps

What am I dong wrong? Do I have to actively save? Or did I discover a bug?

Thanks for your support, I’m quite new to the play but did read the manual.

Sorry you’re experiencing this but we cannot recreate this bug. Any way you could reproduce this in a video?