How to chorus effect in the tracker

I would like to share a way to achieve a nice "chorus effect " in the tracker, maybe it is a public knowledge, but it take to me a wile to figure out , so that is the reason I m sharing

  1. Create the instrument you are interested to add the chorus as you normally create, and write a melody, with it in the tracker, save your song, and continue editing .

  2. Load the instrument recently created (from the saved song) in a new stack of your instrument list

  3. Reproduce the exact melody for the fist instrument using the instrument copy in a new track

  4. edit this instrument copy adding modulation to the pitch using a sine LFO (vibrato), values could be from 12 steps to 40 , and 20 to 40 in amplitud but is not limited to those values , experimenting you will find the right values

  5. finally you could use the instrument volume as wet/dry for the effect

it can not be compared with a real chorus , but I think it generate a really, nice effect , I figure this for firts time on the sunvox and there is easy to visualize adding a vibrato to the patch and mixing it back to the clean signal.

Would be nice if the developers can add an effect command to allow to play both instrument in the same track, however thank you for such fines synths