How does the Scale Filter work when sequencing external MIDI drums?

Haven’t purchased my Play yet so I can’t test, but it would seem that the Scale Filter would interfere with sequencing drums via MIDI. I don’t want my MIDI notes altered on one (or many) MIDI output channels, but it seems this is not an option. So either I have to give up on sequencing external drums or give up on the Scale Filter which seems a shame. Maybe I missed something. Any insight?

According to the Manual:

A selected musical scale will influence all the existing sequences and the MIDI notes output, as well.

Source: Polyend Play - Manual

I feel a wish for the Wishlist Category could eventually improve that :wink:

But as you have noticed as well, we already have a open wish for something that could solve that issue in the future:


This was something what i was facing with Play and RD-9.

So, when you set Scale and turn on MIDI filter notes outside selected scale are “rounded” to fit into scale.
When you select the note it shows you real note, and note it is going to really play.

So I adjusted my workflow, i set a scale, but i don’t turn on the scale filter. so i can send notes to RD-9 chromatically as i need.
And when i am entering/editing steps, which i want actually to be in scale i switch to “piano” view to see led indicators that that note is in scale.
And when working with randomisation (1octave, 2octaves) actually it spreads (imho) notes only from selected scale range.


Hey Sandroid - thanks btw for all your efforts around here. I do think per-MIDI-channel would be better for this specific issue of drum machines/samplers, because of the way Play is designed to allow per-step MIDI channel. For example I might want to only use two or three steps in a track to send out to the drum machine. Then I’d have to avoid using all those other steps in the MIDI track because they wouldn’t be forced to scale. That would limit arrangement possibilities. I also think that per-MIDI-channel would be easier to fit into the UI as there’s already a MIDI menu and Scale could just be another category inside there. I obviously don’t know which is easier from a developer POV though. I haven’t really wrapped my head around how to compose a Wish, I do understand to be taken seriously I’d need to do that. I just kind of doubt my abilities to put it into the required format.

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Not having a Play yet (this issue won’t stop me from purchasing, I just need to sell some gear first), could you describe (or link a video on) how the Piano roll LEDs differ when using Scale without the filter? I can’t recall seeing anything about that.

It’s my pleasure, but thank you for saying so. i appreciate that :blush:

Per MIDI Channel is definitely also an interesting idea. You may want to comment that on the specific wish you already voted on :wink:.

For simplicities sake i think it would probably be easier for Polyend to implement it initially on a “per track” basis. That is - if they pick it up and implemented it down the road.

I feel if that doesn’t do the trick, they can always expand on what they have and go to a per midi channel solution.

You may want to comment that on the specific wish you already voted on :wink:.

Already done

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