How do I make a wishlist for the Play

Here is what I would like to be able to achieve I want to be able to map a volume control to the 8 tracks, mapped to my Akai midi controller. But there is volume control on the play I hear you say. True but then the track has to be selected and if in perform mode you might not want to highlight that track since then any associated performance modes will imediately take effect.
Thanks in advance for any suggestions you may have or advice you might be able to give.

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Hi @framedview, you need to start a new topic on Draft wishes – see Writing a good feature request.

In your particular scenario, are you more using Play as a Sample sequencer or a MIDI sequencer?

Sample mostly

could be somewhat related, even though the wish was created in February and had the last edit in July:

long story short: it’s about having a way to quickly activate needed tracks for tweaking just by holding «patterns» button. I haven’t mentioned it there, but, obviously, it shouldn’t interact with the performance mode. @framedview, you may bump that thread and may be, just may be it will be reviewed.

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