How can I easily record/use midi from Ableton or midi file?

Dear Community,
I tried to record many times to record midi loops, midi drum loops, midi chord progression, but in most times it was very circumstantial. Is there any easy way to do this?
In a perfect world, I am able to just copy and paste my midi files. :smiley: Is there any chance to get a tool like this? Like in ableton?

So what I did:
Connected the tracker with ableton, switched to channel 1, external midi clock, REC+PLAY ,start play in ableton, and sometimes the tracked didn’t start recording.

What am I doing wrong? :thinking:

Have a great day everybody

Hey welcome!

Currently there is no easy way to do this as you noticed :wink:

The best way (i think) at the moment is to do the following:

In the Tracker Midi Settings set:

  • Clock In to Internal
  • Clock Out to USB + Midi Out jack
  • Transport In to Internal
  • Transport Out to USB + Midi Out jack
  • Notes In to: USB + Midi In jack
  • Notes in channel to ALL

In Ableton:

  • Activate the Sync for the Tracker
  • Set Sync Type to Midi Clock
  • Make sure your Track/Pattern sends midi data to the tracker

You most likely have to adjust the MIDI Clock Sync delay in Ableton to get the timing right between the two devices (see:

Now you should be able to press REC+Play and record midi data to the tracker.

I personally use Bitwig, so i tried my best to get the right Ableton information for you :smile:

I hope this helps.


Thank you. I’ve never tried to do a Midi clock sync. Probably it will solve my problem. :slight_smile:

I know my case is really rare, but I really hope maybe one day there will be an easier solution. :slight_smile:

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