Horizontal display mode zoomed out to see 16 steps without page scroll


With the current graphic configuration the Tracker can allow you to see 12 steps without a page scroll.
But the standard TR-REC sequencer is based on 16 steps.

I would love to be able to zoom out a little to see 16 horizontal steps with no page scroll!

It could be a new display type like TR-Rec display…

Happy horizontal sequencing

(First time? See https://community.polyend.com/t/writing-a-good-feature-request/92)

Describe the improvement here, in one paragraph. Then fill the sections below.

What is the problem?

The current horizontal view will change page/screen after 12 steps.Since the screen and font combination…

What do you want to achieve?

It would be nice to be able to see 16 steps in a single view (page).

Are there any workarounds?

Any links to related discussions?

Any references to other products?

Consider any sequencer or drum machines that has 16 steps rows.

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Hi @acaposottam thank you for starting a draft here.

I have brought the template back including the link to https://community.polyend.com/t/writing-a-good-feature-request/92. Using this template is useful to explain a wish and why it is relevant, and this helps to discuss it and, eventually, get more votes. :slight_smile:

I don’t know whether this wish is technically possible, but I find it very interesting.

Question about TR-REC. Do you mean this?

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Hello, thanks.

I’ll follow you suggestion and make it clearer :).

For TR-REC I mean the classic 16 step sequencer used in the classic roland Drum Machines. 707, 808, 606, and many other Roland’s synths. Boutique range included., so a 16 steps sequencer that you can see and control immediately.

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Oh, sorry, I see. The 16 step grids are so ubiquitous in electronic music instruments that the specific reference to the TR-REC is almost distracting, don’t you think? The Play also has a grid of 16 buttons.

Anyway, can you explain what do you find interesting about this view? :slight_smile: What would you do better or more comfortably than now? In drum machines (or the Play) you press hardware buttons and this is why having 16 steps is so convenient for 4/4 music. With the Tracker you need to use arrows / wheel anyway, and the buttons grid is also 12 steps wide. What are the benefits in practice?

But I find the problem interesting, and here are some more thoughts.

The problem with zooming is (apart from the technical possibility of zooming and still get crisp characters, which I ignore) is that either you only stretch horizontally or you will have an interesting problem to solve with the vertical height. Now it fits neatly to four tracks.

One way to achieve this (again, in theory, I have no idea about what is feasible technically) would be to

  • Save some space by calling tracks 1, 2, 3… instead of “Track 1”, “Track 2”…
  • Save more space by… showing 3 character placeholders per step instead of 4. This is good enough for notes and instruments. With the effects something should be compromised i.e. that you only see the 4 values when the cursor is on the step.

I might be wrong, but doesn’t it look like a lot of trouble for little benefit?

@here You can now vote for this wish. :slight_smile: Check the ranking of votes on #wishlist.


Awesome idea!
Such option should increase effectiveness in times!

Also I’d like to keep display mode verical though.

I think that would be nice to have workflow like this:

  1. to activate/deactivate option of seeing 16 steps on screen without scrooll - PRESS “insert/home” button in “green” mode.
    (16th step could be placed over bottom menu, similar to placement 1st step over top additional info)

  2. to go to next/previous 16 steps - Press “Home/Insert+arrow up/down”