Home function doing Insert in Tracker's Sample loader screen

Bug Description

‘Home’ function (Shift + Insert) in Sample Loader screen performs insertion, which is confusing. It would be more logical to send cursor to the top of the list.

At the same time Paste (Shift + Copy) performs as expected.

Reproduction Steps

  1. Go to Sample Loader screen.
  2. Go to the Instruments list.
  3. Pressing ‘Home’ (Shift + Insert) will add highlighted sample from the SD card list, instead of going to the top of the Instruments list, which would be preferable (even doing nothing would be less confusing).


bug is reproducible always

Found in

go to Config > Firmware page on your device and copy version / build numbers below

  • Version: [example 1.8.0]
  • Build: [example 840]

Hi @mirko.t Thank you for your report, I’m sorry you’re having issues with the Tracker. This particular case is by current product design. I would suggest creating a Wish to change it. :slight_smile:

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