History of the Polyend Tracker hardware revision i.e buttons

I have the beautiful PE Tracker Silver edition and notice the standard Black Tracker’s buttons are raised higher from the face plate and rounder edges. What was the reasoning for changes?

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My understanding is that there are at least three versions of the Tracker:

  1. Square buttons
  2. Rounded buttons, metal case
  3. Rounded buttons, partially plastic case

I’m not sure if it’s ever been confirmed, but I’ve seen speculation that the silver trackers are actually “mk 1” versions but with the new faceplate and internal improvements.

I could be wrong, just repeating what I’ve heard elsewhere!

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Thanks for that. I have the Silver SE version and it has square buttons

@vast.grapes is correct.

There is no real disadvantage to the v1, there were some encoder issues that were fixed by the time of the silver tracker. We chose the v.1 style design for the silver because that was the one we could get made in silver.


I love the silver look

This is the latest hardware revision list that I know of…

Mk 1 - metal back, squared buttons

Mk 2 - metal back, rounded buttons

Mk 3 - plastic back, rounded buttons

Mk 4 - plastic back, rounded buttons, brushed finish

and the Silver Edition, which I didn’t really know anything about, so thats cool to learn.