High-pass filter on the Reverb effect

What is the problem?

The Reverb effect generally sounds great and has a Damping setting to attenuate the feedback of higher frequencies. However, it completely lacks a way to attenuate the low end of the frequency spectrum. This, compounded by the lack of any Instrument or Track EQ, generally leads to muddy mixes with too much energy in the 100-500 Hz range.

What should this feature achieve?

This feature would allow you to reduce the reverberation in the lower end of the mix, allowing for more creative sculpting of the sound and overall cleaner mixes.

Are there any workarounds?

The usual workarounds exist:

  1. Carefully resampling and then EQing full phrases, effectively printing the effects onto the samples. Note: this won’t work for the soft synths unless you dedicate sample tracks for those too. Also, this will obviously EQ the dry signal too, which may not be what you want.

  2. Ignoring mixing in the sketch phase and applying EQ in the DAW instead.

Any links to related discussions?

Any references to other products?

All other grooveboxes I’ve tested allow you to tame the mud in the reverb, including the Model:Cycles, Model:Samples, Digitakt, Syntakt, Digitone, MC-101, MC-707, MPC One, Maschine, and Push 3. Of all those grooveboxes, the Model:Cycles/Samples offer the most basic control which is called REV TONE, a bipolar effect that dampens either the low or top end, but not simultaneously. Even something as basic as this would still be an improvement to what’s currently possible on the Tracker.


Hey @Sineway , thank you for taking the time and being so thorough with your wishes.
It’s much appreciated :heart:

But in the future, feel free to tag us moderators in an existing wish if you are unsure, before you invest this much time. :blush:

I’ve added the relevant tags to the existing wish, which already has votes and thereby will archive this one as a duplcate.

For your personal information, since you are new to the forum, here’s how we process wishes:

  • Users create wishes
  • The moderation team will scout them for completeness and if they are understandable.
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  • If so, they will be opened for voting

When and how it will be implemented is obviously entirely up to Polyend.

In this case it is safe to assume that the newer platforms will be able to support this feature, hence why i added the necessary tags.

Absolutely, and just to be clear, I sort of do this type of work for a living and this was a few minutes of time investment on my end so it wasn’t a big commitment. But I realize that I could have added a comment to the other ticket before posting a new one to save you from extra work.

The only consideration I have, which also fed into my decision to create this one, is that I think the quality of the request impacts the Product team’s appetite for something, and also the likeliness of it receiving buy-in and ultimately votes from users.

This is why I try to take the time to provide a detailed use case and not just write one-liner requests. So, definitely feel free to merge this into that one, but maybe we could consider fleshing that one out to be a bit more “complete”. Just a thought coming from someone who has been leading product teams for a living. :slight_smile:

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As a sofware/lead dev by day i could tell immediately that you are used to this kind of process :joy: . And no worries i’m used to this type of writing as well. Just trying to optimize both our times then, yeh? :laughing:

And it is absolutely appreciated! All wishes are editable by anyone. So if you have things you’d like to add - feel free to do so at any time! If you want we can just reference this wish in the existing wish or you could rewrite parts of the request as you see fit. I’ll leave it up to you :heart:

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Ah, I didn’t know if that would be considered ok to do so, let alone possible! I’ve edited the other one now. :slight_smile:

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Well while potentially dangerous. We’ve been fortunate enough that nobody had the brilliant idea of ruining it for everyone :joy: . Let’s hope it stays that way. In the worst case, we have revisions, so all is well :smirk: .

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