GROOVEBOX size ‹› comparison

If anyone is interested in a groovebox size comparison, you can find my big wallpaper here:

GROOVEBOX size ‹› comparison
It also includes the Tracker & Tracker Mini.

If you want to share the wallpaper, you can also use my post on ‘X’. Thank you!


Very nice! I guess the only reason not to have the Play there is to make it fit without much work? :slight_smile:

Which gear surprised you by its size when you had it in front of you?

I was surprised for how big the SP-404 actually is. And the Deluge was slightly smaller than I thought.

I only left out the Play because it’s the same size as the Tracker.

I was most impressed by the size and mobility of the OP-1 Field.
But I would also like to try out the Woovebox or the Dirtywave M8.

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100% was surprised at how big the SP-404 actually is. It looks smaller in videos.

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That Zoom ARQ :joy:

That was a user request in the German Forum, I didn’t really want this UFO on there. :wink:

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Great job! Thanks for sharing.

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I have an update, now with the Play+ and the SeqTrak

GROOVEBOX size ‹› comparison


This is excellent.