Grady Nickel: Greedy Fruit

“Polyend Tracker has been inspiring since day one and it has gotten me back into sampling everything.”

“I was experimenting with various microphones and the Mic In on the Tracker and decided to record a short sample of my acoustic guitar. After finding some old drum loops on a long-forgotten external hard drive and a synth bass sample I made years ago, this little experiment turned into a song. The Tracker has a wonderful auto-naming function and it decided to name this one ‘greedy fruit.’ I also threw in a couple of field recordings I made of a train on very squeaky tracks that I happened to capture late one night. My background is in singer-songwriter and rock band-type music but I have always loved working with samples and hardware.”


“The Tracker is such an inspiring piece of gear and although I have owned tons of different hardware (Elektron, teenage engineering, Akai, etc.) and used all the major and minor DAWs, I haven’t been this excited to make music or made so much music since around 2003 when I first discovered FL Studio and was amazed that people could actually make music on the computer. Tracker gives me that same sort of wide-eyed innocent feeling like the possibilities are endless. My only regret is that I missed the whole Amiga/tracker/demoscene thing but, I guess it feels something like this. The more I’m happy to contribute this trip-hop Tracker project files with you.”

Get the Grady Nickel – Greedy Fruit project files here.

Grady Nickel

Georgia-based producer, songwriter, and musician, Grady Nickel, has been making music for over thirty years, mostly playing in bands and getting his music placed in various television shows and commercials. As a regularly gigging guitar player and singer, when he’s home, away from playing live, experimentation and hardware samplers/sequencers are his main focus. “Although I am mostly known as a guitar player and singer, I’ve been in love with samplers and drum machines since I was twelve years old.”





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