Going to NAMM? We've got a couple free passes

Hey everyone, We have a few extra free badges for NAMM 2023 and we wanted to extend the invite to our community. NAMM is April 13-15th in Anaheim, CA. If you want a free badge send me a DM. Please only request a pass if you are certain you can attend as we get a very limited number of free passes.

If you are a “maybe” on attending, ask for a 1/2 price pass. We have unlimited “1/2 price” passes so you can dm me for one of those as well. Deadline is March 15 to reserve it.

Polyend will be exhibiting at booth 10306.


I’ll just go ahead and share what we are announcing this year…
Our new desk, the Polyend Place!

Desk concept and design by @Territoires


I want my fair share of royalties from the $16,000 price tag.

It was brilliant how you were able to make it so affordable by only using 3 legs.

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This would be excellent, to be fair


Thank you very much, i would like to have a free pass please.

Please i would like yo have a free pass to Namm 2023. Thanks


Renzo Garvizu


Hey @Mitch, if there are any passes left, I am 100% going and would love/appreciate a pair or a couple 1/2 passes. I can even swing by with some drinks for you at the show!


I’d love to get one of those badges if still available. I am certainly attending.

Hi Mitch, I can for sure go to NAMM this year so I’d like a pass (or 2) if you have any left.

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that would be awesome… flights and hotel booked. Is your offer still valid?

Thanks Mitch!

Hi Mitch!!! I’m Paulo Roveri, professional musician/producer from Brazil and I’ll be at Annaheim for the 1st day of NAMM Show. I’m interested on those free badges you offered. Can I have one of those, please? I’ll be there for sure, the badge will not be wasted!

I don’t know how to contact you, but you can also reach me at IG, @xuberrie .

Thanks in advance,


Mitch, I know I am a little late, but I will be in Pasadena for work the week of NAMM and would love to drop into NAMM for a couple of days 13-14th… If you still have passes, I could totally use 2!

I’m interested
You can reach me on Instagram @mi_llamo_sebas

Hey ya’ll; sorry free passes are all out. I can still send 1/2 off passes until the day of the event so let me know if you want one of those.

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Hi Mitch! How much are the 1/2 off passes?? I live about 20 minutes away, and I would love to go! Thanks!

Surprised no one is talking about this new device after two hints dropped by Polyend.

well, there isn’t much to talk about yet :laughing:
i like the teasers and i am definitely intrigued to find out more!
We will hopefully know everything there is to know - next week when NAMM starts :partying_face:

I think they are around $75, not exactly sure of the price