Glide without Sample retrigger

What is the problem?

The Glide Step FX currently retriggers the affected sample, which can be undesirable when dealing with longer samples.

What do you want to achieve?

This proposes either expanding the possibilities for Glide or adding another Glide FX without Sample retrigger.

  • One way would be to use negative numbers on the existing Glide FX to indicate that the sample should not retrigger
  • Another way would be to introduce a new Glide FX that makes it clear that it won’t retrigger a sample.

Are there any workarounds?

  • Use Slide Up / Down FX. Downside: limited range.
  • Use Glide and Playback Position FX. Downside: uses up all two FX Slots

Hey @dnapierala1980 welcome to the community! :partying_face:

May i ask you to follow the guidelines on how to write a good feature request ?
I’ve edited the request to include the default template, which is mandatory to fill out.

Also if you can, please explain what you mean by proper portamento.

Thank you :heart:

What about the Glide Step FX?


Can you explain which usecase can’t be filled either via the Glide or Slide Step FX?

Thank you :blush:

If you imagine a guitar solo when the string is excited only once, and all the notes later are a result of smooth change of the pitch of a string by just placing fingers on different frets without other excitement. This function worked well on Amiga’s Protracker. Here’s very short YT video describing how it works. I’d love to have this function in my mini.
In glide function it triggers the next note and with a slide there’s no notes but values.

That’s exactly how the Glide Step FX i mentioned above works :blush:

I wish it did on my unit. When a place a note and then another note with glide fx by it, apart from the fact the glide towards the second note is performed, after reaching it the second note is being played from the very beginning of a sample. Is there any tutorial you can suggest for me to see in this matter?

Have you watched this video from 2:26? That’s the moment I’m talking about.

Please find attached example from my amiga module. Part on the far left is heavily modulated by portamento effect. Despite being able to emulate this effect partially it’s very inconvenient to create intricate solo parts this way.
ProTracker 2 clone v1.57 - betho.13.xii.95.mod 2023-09-21|attachment (2.6 MB)
Also I’m sorry for being not as precise as I should. I’m talking about a Tone Portamento

This is the exerpt from ProTracker’s user manual. Can’t wait to hear from you about this.

Aah, i see what you mean now. Yes Glide retriggers the sample that is correct. Which is not a problem if you use for example a single cycle waveform. But if you have something longer it will become obvious, that is correct. But there is a way around that by using the playback position FX - p.

I created a small example project for you: (1.6 MB)

This contains

  • an example tracker project
  • a rendered example of what it sounds like.

This is what it looks like:

I actually don’t remember how Protracker handled that on longer samples, i’d have to go check my old .mod’s for that :laughing:

I hope this helps you. If you feel like you’d still want to create a wish for this, we should probably change it to an new type of Glide FX that doesn’t retrigger the sample. But that’s usually where you’d use Slide Up or Slide Down FX.

Thanks. Thanks for the example. Implementing this function would be very beneficial due to its simplicity and efficiency. Not mentioning musicality. :slight_smile:

No problem. I’ve taken the time an updated the initial description of your request to what i believe it should be. I hope you can agree with this :blush:

It’s precise and well put. Thanks. I hope you’ll manage to pull it off :slight_smile:

I’m not pulling anything off. :blush:

I’m just making sure that this request is concise and easy to understand, so Polyend can review it easily :heart: .

Thanks anyway for that!

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@here Thanks for your wish. It’s now ready for voting :slight_smile:

Is it me to vote or someone else?

Anyone who likes this wish can vote for it :wink:

It’s my first election :wink: so could you tell me how to do it?

I’ve got it. :slight_smile: Vote for my wish please :slight_smile:

This has my vote. I requested this same portamento feature back in 2020, and the glide effect did not cut it. Coming from an IT and MPT background, the lack of a proper portamento on the Tracker is a pretty big deal for me.
Previous request from the Github, which was approved but still hasn’t been implemented - Option for glide to bend active sample rather than triggering new sample · Issue #74 · polyend/TrackerBetaTesting · GitHub

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