Fluid MIDI pitchbend

What is the problem?

It would be great to send MIDI pitchbend data from the Tracker, but this option is not available.

What do you want to achieve?

Fluid MIDI pitchbend control. It would improve the use of FX types on midi out.

It could be implemented i.e. with F slide up, J slide down.

Are there any workarounds?

Yes, put tempo way up and use micro tune.

Any links to related discussions?


Any references to other products?



One question to better understand this wish: are you thinking of MIDI pitchbend for Performance mode or live recording?

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The other way around, midi out. So as note input. And midi output.

Yes, it is clear that the goal is to have pitchbend MIDI data out. What is not clear (to me at least) from your wish as it is described is in which mode(s) would this feature be available. Can you or someone else help clarify this on the description, please?

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Purple and green, the FX lanes on the tracker. On the F and J FX.

Just want the same(ish) behavior as with samples, but if a midi channel is used to use pitchbend on midi out instead.

Hope that clarifies something :thinking:

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I wonder why glide for example if I remember doesn’t work with midi out…

Slide would be a better command as it does not require to trigger a new note.


@wouternieuwenhuizen1 Thanks for your wish. It’s now ready for voting :slight_smile:

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Hardware sampler pitched breaks anyone :crazy_face:

Or pitched 90 hoovers…:pray:

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Signed up to vote for this! Midi pitch bends would complete the tracker as the only sequencer I’ll ever need.

Help me achieve emotive bends like ATB :smiling_face_with_tear: :grin:

ATB - Don’t Stop

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Just post some more tracks, to push the topic

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Far from a midi expert here, but I think a midi bend feature would be highly dependent on the device you are sending those messages to. That device would need to support pitch bends via midi input and I haven’t seen any trackers that support that kind of control.
On the other hand, If a device has a built-in portamento (such as a 303), an external midi controller can take advantage of that by playing a second note before ending the previously held note. If the first note receives an END signal, the second note will just trigger an entirely new note without bending.
The downside is that the tracker does send a note END signal when triggering any new note on the same track. The workaround I usually use is to reserve two tracks for that midi channel. Play the first note on track 1, then trigger the note I want to bend it to on track 2. Since the second note isnt triggered on the first track, the Tracker is basically still holding that note down and allows the midi device to portamento up or down to the desired note signal from the second track.
One possible way of keeping it to one track is to implement an FX type MIDI Note Continue. This would tell the tracker not to send the Note End signal when triggering a new note from the same track. And if that FX command is not used on the last note played, the Tracker can again send a signal to END all notes played on that specific MIDI channel.