Flickering screen on Tracker Mini with “Medium” brightness

The entire screen on Tracker Mini with “Medium” brightness set flickers randomly and intermittently in a manner that is not that big of an issue but super annoying nonetheless.

It doesn’t always happen, usually when unit has been on for a while and continues happening for a while 5-30 minutes, maybe until the battery charge changes. I’ve noticed it happening possibly more often with the USB cable plugged into a USB-C charger I believe.

The other options Low and High have 0 flickering at all. Does medium use PWM? If so, there might be an issue there when the problem occurs. It doesn’t happen all the time but here or there, one or twice a session enough to remind you about it.

Found in the 1.0.1.

I created a couple videos to show this as it’s hard to explain. The first just records the flicker. The second is recorded at 120fps and toggles between the options to point out the flicker. It looks much worse in person than video.

Cheers and thanks

Hi @pinzberg

Thanks for reaching out about this.
It’s a hardware issue and we need to take a look at your unit.
Please, fill out the RMA application found here: RMA Application Form • Polyend

Once you do, I will contact you via email, and let’s continue our conversation there :slight_smile:

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