Fast select midi channel using pads

Double click and hold the instrument button switches the pads to ‘midi select’ mode, then press one of the first 16 pad buttons to select the midi channel.

What is the problem?

Selecting midi channels as your instrument is a bit fiddly and involves a few button presses or jog scrolls. The pads would be perfect for selection but are used (rightly) for sample select, but using DOUBLE CLICK and hold of the instrument button, we could switch pad selection to midi channel instead.

What do you want to achieve?

Faster, more intuitive midi channel selection, with less pain when switching between sample and midi selection or when switching between different midi channels.

Are there any workarounds?

Well yes, the current system, but the goal here is to make it faster and less fiddly.

I’ve used other tools with double-click-hold and it’s actually pretty intuitive once you get used to it. If this were implemented it could be rolled out for other uses across the tracker.


A possible workaround for now would be:

  • Hold Instrument
  • Press the last Pad
  • Scroll Up (with the jogwheel or arrows9, which will bring you to the MIDI Channels immediately

Another possible Shortcut idea:

  • Hold Instrument (as is the default now)
  • Then press Shift and a Pad to access the MIDI Channels

How do you feel about that?

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Yeah, the other option with shift would suffice, although does require more presses. I’d take either though!

I couldn’t get your workaround to work with hold and scroll, you have to have instruments selected (not held) and then scroll, so it is less of a selection and more of an edit, but it works. At least this is how it’s working for me in v1.8.


Ah crap sorry. It’s the last pad not the first one :laughing:

Ah yes, I use that one but the ‘jump’ to the end is less of a jump and more of a scroll. You have to wait for it to finish scrolling before you continue to scroll to the midi channels. If you want to get to, say, channel 8 it’s a really slow process. That’s why I’d still find either of our real shortcut ideas considerably faster and more intuitive.

I’ve only had my tracker for a little while and am primarily using it for midi sequencing. That’s why I’m looking for any productivity bumps that make working with midi faster.